The Art Of Versatility

No matter how crowded your closet is, some pieces will always prevail. Like the trench. You’ll reach for it time and again, like a favorite song on repeat. The more you know who you are, the easier it is to hone in on such versatile pieces. There’s that word again: Versatile. It’s a wonder we haven’t trademarked it by now.

Versatility is one of fashion’s most notable superpowers. It’s the ability to wear one multi-tasking piece in infinite combinations to get the most out of your wardrobe (and, let’s be real: your budget). Leave the fair-weather fashion to the amateurs—your best bets are pared-down, fitted, layer-able shapes that withstand time and seasons, fads and trends. The ones that will always assert themselves as the perfect expression of you.

Our lightweight double-breasted trench is iconic for the way it transcends time and place and becomes as unique as you are once you style it up. Neutral is no-fail. The endless combos will surprise you.

Icons like this should be thought of as investments with ‘Cost Per Wear’ (or CPW) top of mind. It’s a legit way to justify the things you want, but also make sense of the things you need…and get the quality you deserve. Cost Per Wear = Total cost of the item / Number of times you’ll wear it.

Your financial advisor may conveniently forget to tell you about this equation, but we proclaim it the secret to sartorial success. According to the math, a $100 item becomes just $10/ day the 10th time you wear it, and even more affordable the more you wear it.

Bear in mind anything you wear that’s getting you noticed begins paying you back pretty quickly, and with remarkable interest.

Start thinking about how you can bring that trench to life off the hanger with anything from a tie to a T-shirt. Herein, some styling inspiration from Glenn Damien Scott @glennscottstyles, Vince Lee @mrvlstyle and Alexey Sokolov @vaguesouvenir.