Up Close & Intimate With Cosabella Lingerie

Like savoring the perfect gelato fountainside in Venice, Cosabella underpinnings are an authentic taste of Italian luxury. Made in Italy, the family-owned lingerie company blends Italian artisanship with American innovation to create modern, timeless piecesa pillar of our own brand. This season, we’re carrying a curated collecton of Cosabella pieces to lay secretly on bare skin, underneath your favorite BR essentials. The Airlace T-Shirt Bra pairs perfectly with our iconic (and softest-ever) Supima tees. And there’s nothing like a hint of lace under a sophisticated button-down, or a bodysuit with body-sculpting denim. CEO Guido Campello sat down with us for a little Q&A time.

BR: Why is what you wear underneath it all so important, even if nobody else will see?

GC: The first person a woman should strive to impress is herself. When you know you look great and you’re put together on every level, you exude confidence and everyone feels it. This equates with real sex appeal and sophistication. Sexiness is always in the details—and in your confidence.

BR: Expensive mattresses aside—can the right sleepwear actually improve your quality of sleep?

GC: Sleepwear has become as important to your wardrobe as a T-shirt and jeans. Current trends allow for wearing sleep and loungewear as everyday apparel: we spend much more time at home on-camera taking selfies, partying it up casually with friends and on vacation lounging poolside. Having a personal collection of beautiful pajamas promises the most comfortable rest but also the most fun. Looking good at home is just as important as when you’re out. Wear the spicy little things you would gift to your girlfriends, everyday.

BR: One piece you’re obsessed with right now?

GC: The Airlace T-shirt bra is the perfect summer essential. In the summer, Italy is a world of flowing dresses and light separates, and this bra is designed to accentuate such flirtiness and sophistication.

BR: What are the perfect color combos of the moment?

GC: Color is everything. It’s also our brand story. Bold. Vibrant. Unexpected. Full of life. Full of joy. Also hot right now? Neutrals. Don’t shy away from wearing skin tones in your lingerie wardrobe. With so much transparency and open cuts in apparel trends right now, light and neutral tones look beautiful mixed. Play nude on non-nude.

BR: What’s the secret to finding the perfect bra?

GC: The question is—what is the secret to the perfect bra wardrobe?  Like shoes and lip gloss, women need a variety of perfect bras … for everyday wear, date night, yoga, running errands and for that little dress with the low cut back. You wear a bra 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it needs to be something that looks and feels fabulous, is comfortable and wearable. Because they are an extension of you and your personality, your bras should be fun, sexy, and colorful. Once you find your favorite bra, you’ll want at least two panties to go with it. Cosabella panties look, feel, fit and last like no others. You’ll want them in every color.

BR: Do you have any special tips for caring for underpinnings?

GC: Wash your bras after two wearings, air them out between wearings. Have at least three bras at any given time—one you are wearing, one in the wash and one airing out. We always recommend cold water washing on the delicate cycle with a gentle laundry soap.  Always hang them to dry.  If you treat your underpinnings with care, they will last longer and still look great.  Since you wear these items daily, it’s essential to get re-fitted and replace your bras at least every six months.

BR: What about organizing them?

GC: When you store your bras, place them cup-to-cup in your drawers, so the cups keep their shape. You can also place the matching panties inside each bra cup to make coordinating easier and to preserve the bra cup shape. When traveling, place socks inside the cups of your bras so they don’t get mangled in your suitcase.

BR: What’s the perfect date-night lingerie look?

GC: It’s whatever makes you feel beautiful, confident and sexy. Wear an iconic Cosabella bodysuit with a sexy pair of jeans and heels, or a bralette peeking out from your sheer shirt, and you’ll be unforgettable. Always on-point for date night: The Never Say Never thong back lace bodysuit, the Soire thong back sheer bodysuit and the Talco Deep V bodysuit.