Master The Classics
…With A Twist

What defines the classics? They’re the go-to, no-regrets pieces that will always have a place in your closet, transcending time and space. The future-proof loves upon which your greatest outfits are built. Supremely fitting pants. Tailored tops. Traditional shoes. Construction is everything, but it’s how you spin them that truly defines your style. Add a colorful punch of unpredictability. Experiment with unexpected textures that straddle the line between dressy and casual. That signature twist is what makes you a limited edition.

Adding an element of surprise keeps every outfit irresistibly modern. How will you add a personal touch to the classics you love?


Pop pink in our Avery Pant. Wear it with everything and anything, like a neutral. Add a trench. And heels. Consider these the perfect get-noticed pants.
Ruffles on a timeless one-shoulder top, sleek-fitting utility trousers and snakeskin Demi loafers with a hint of shine. A dash of the dressed-up mixed with a casual attitude strikes the perfect match. Oh, and the tie-neck scarf adds the chicest touch.
Layers are your secret weapon when it comes to versatility. Shown here? Stripes, upon color. Texture on texture. The Bow-Neck Jacket in navy, white and red is no-fail.
Note the bell sleeves on our Fluted Pleat-Sleeve Sweater Top, which take basic white to new levels. Patent leather Demi loafers add a posh touch.