Art + Luxury: Introducing AG Jeans At Banana Republic

When BR decided to partner with a luxury brand adored by denim aficionados, it was clear from the start who that brand would be. Now we proudly carry California-based AG, named for Adriano Goldschmied (the “Godfather” of denim) and co-founded by Yul Ku, a pioneer in the industry. The company launched in 2000, born from the desire to elevate jeans from a working-man’s product to an undeniable luxury. That luxury is perhaps best captured by the Isabelle, Farrah and Prima styles, which make their debut in Banana Republic stores right now. AG reflects our core values (including a fondness for day-to-night styling, classic good looks and quality). And, on a hot day, there’s nothing better than wearing AG jeans with a classic Supima cotton tee.

Are you a denim aficionado? Here’s what the pros know:

You can never own ‘too many’ jeans.
There are just so many new fabrics, washes and silhouettes, there’s always a new look to try and favorite pair to discover. Having multiple options can open up your wardrobe (especially your shoe wardrobe) so many fun ways.

Not just any pair will do.
Always ask where the fabric is from—this detail is key. Most of the fabrics used by AG come from the finest Japanese denim mills, which are considered by many to be the best and most innovative denim producers in the world. Fit, fabric and wash are what keep a look streamlined and thoughtfully styled.

Perfect denim is elusive.
But easy to find once you’ve identified the brands you love. How to tell if you’ve found a forever pair? They don’t lose their shape, look naturally worn-in or distressed and, of course, make you feel fantastic. Anything AG is no-fail.

Denim care is an art.
The myth about maintenance suggests not washing your jeans is ideal. Some say you should put them in the freezer for a few days instead, or simply hang them outdoors with a spritz of Febreze. The reality is that dirt and grime will remain so long as your denim is unwashed, so aim to launder them every 3-5 wears. The only time you don’t want to wash your jeans is when you’re breaking in a raw pair. You want the denim to mold to your body and soften. Not washing them creates a one-of-a-kind pair with faded impressions in just the right spots. That’s part of the luxury.

Skinnies are here to stay.
You should strive to own as many pairs as possible, in every kind of wash. And buy them with the confidence that anything slimming and figure-flattering will never go out of style.

Proudly made in The Golden State. California Love.
Made to fit straight off the rack like they were tailored just for you.
The Isabelle, in all her perfectly distressed, lived-in glory. True luxury.