The Making of Olivia Palermo’s Collection

From her spun-gold locks to carefully curated closet, Olivia Palermo has plenty of reasons to be one of the most stylish women on the planet. Her near-perfect ways have cast her in the public eye—always resulting in a conversation about what she’s wearing … and how masterfully she styles it. This month, Olivia brings one of the most elevated capsule collections to BR, meshing her East Coast attitude with our West Coast heritage. “For this collection, I focused on everyday statement pieces with military details and bohemian accents,” she says. We caught up with her in New York to catch her best style confessions and BR pieces she loves most.

You’re famed for what you wear about town. We want to know what you wear when no one’s looking …

Probably like a cashmere sweater and spandex on my way to Tracy Anderson to do my workout.

 Chic, of course. Okay, what’s your typical weekend vibe?

My ideal weekend wardrobe is what I call my uniform. A part of leather pants and a great blazer, and a great pair of sneakers.

In your opinion, what’s the best trend that’s ever existed?

I do love a beautiful ostrich feather with a bit of a jeweled embellishment. Or just something really beautiful, classic and vintage, probably from anywhere from the 1920s to the 1960s.

If you could have one fashion superpower, what would it be?

To be able to get a messenger significantly faster. So if you need something right away in New York it might take about 45 minutes. Other places, around the world, it might be a bit longer, but you know if you could just twinkle your nose, like Bewitched, it might be kinda nice.


What’s the process of getting dressed like for you? Do you ever plan what you’ll wear the night before?

No, always the day of. Some days you might feel differently than you did yesterday. You have to be confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing … that’s most important.

What music do you listen to while getting ready?

My husband is a wonderful curator of music, so I tend to listen to most of his mixes while getting ready. Johannes mixes a lot of Deep House and he loves Empire of the Sun. And he likes very eclectic groups.

Who’s your style icon?

My mother and my aunt have been very influential in my style since I was young, but I see women all throughout my travels who really inspire me.

Are there any signature details an OP outfit is never without?

Yes, a belt! I love it. We always need a belt. It can really go with almost about anything. And you should always carry one on your travels.

What’s one life-changing styling tip that’s rocked your world?

Double-sided tape and a skinny belt. I think you can always play with proportions and it’s a great quick fix.

Where would you live if you weren’t already settled in New York?

I would definitely live in London. It really feels like a second home to me and I really love everything about British fashion and just the whole feel of the city, it’s wonderful.

You look amazing in hats. Is there a trick for pulling off a hat, with a certain kind of cool?

I do think that hats have to be worn in a certain way. And I think that if you do it with something fun … your hair’s not fully done, a little “off duty” as I would call it. And just kind of keep that as the statement and let everything else be a bit more casual and maybe step up the shoes.

And you’ve traveled everywhere. What’s the global destination that embodies your style the most?

I think with all of my travels, all around the world, between New York, London and Tokyo, I think it’s a combination really.

You’re known for your impeccable high-low mix. What’s the secret to making an affordable item look really expensive?

There ‘s no science to it, it’s just when something’s really good, it’s really good, and it really doesn’t matter how much it costs.

What colors make your heart flutter a little faster this season?

I’ve always been one to love a military green. I just think that, it’s really elegant and a hunter green. But, my favorite color is a sea foam green.

What does it feel like to walk into a Banana Republic store and see your influence everywhere?

It’s super, super, super exciting every time I walk into Banana … yah!

What inspired your new BR collection?

I’m very much into military with a hint of a British touch. I really wanted it to be for everyone, women and men. So some of my boys can wear the military jackets. We really focused on great statement coats and on the fabrics and the fits, just taking basic pieces and just making them a little bit more elevated. You have definitely more of a fitted feel, more military-inspired, and then you have something that is a little bit more Bohemian as well.

What’s one iconic BR piece that remains a constant for you?

Great tanks tops that I had growing up. I still have them, to this day.