Holiday 2017: Greetings From Mendocino

What better way to capture the spirit of the holiday season than the dramatic coastal town of Mendocino, Cal.? Located three-and-a-half hours from San Francisco, the artistic enclave is known for its postcard-worthy lighthouses, cliff-side inns and friendly vibes.

Shot by photographer Theo Wenner, Part 1 of our Come Together story, celebrates the excitement of holiday travel and the anticipation to get where you want to be. Featuring a mix of real families, friends, models and animals, the images are separated into mini vignettes of everyone arriving in style. “We tried to find an eclectic cast that could be friends in real life and that reflects how people celebrate the holidays today. It’s not about one age or one demographic. It’s about coming together because of shared interests,” says our Creative Director Len Peltier.

Meanwhile, the rugged location served as the perfect backdrop to the cozy mood and easy elegance of the collection. “We loved the dramatic landscapes of Mendocino and how they reflect the collection in a really elevated way. It feels really authentic and as magical as we had hoped it would be,” says Jen Matic, Senior Director of Photography.

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