BR Q&A: Olympic Fencer Ysaora Thibus Stands Out in Style & Skill

For me, it is about style and comfort.”

In an unexpected play on tailored performance, Olympic fencers and real-life couple, Ysaora Thibus and Race Imboden, duel in our newest technical pants for the season. We caught up with Ysaora on set, and she revealed her takes on fencing, fashion and more. See how she maintains grace under pressure while putting our Devon-Fit Bi-stretch Legging to the ultimate test.

BR: Let’s talk fencing. You are a two-time Olympian. How did you get involved?

I grew up in a small Caribbean French island, named Guadeloupe. I started classic dance when I was four years old, so fencing wasn’t my first dream. My mom heard about the sport and thought it would be good for my little brother to try. I came with him the first time. I was so curious and interested that they asked me to try, too. Once I had the sword in my hand I fell in love with the sport.

BR: Where do your competitions take you?

I just had my first world cup in Cancun and I went to Paris for the second one. During the season, we have five world cups and three grand prix. Then I will have the European Championships and the World C.

BR: What do you love to do when you’re not training?

I just moved to Santa Ana with Race. When we are not training, I love to explore and discover new places.

BR: Fencing is such a stylized sport. How does that translate into your fashion game?

When I am fencing, I feel like my style is sporty and elegant at the same time. I find it’s similar to my day-to-day style. I love the clean purified look of fencing, but I always try to differentiate myself with something—a touch of color, new sneakers, my curly hair coming out of my mask. The same goes for my look—simple, but still different and personal.

BR: How would you describe your style? 

I am really similar to Race on that, I like to mix and match style. I am also a sneaker addict. I could wear them with anything, from sweatpants to dresses and skirts. The most important things for me is to feel free and to be myself. Occasionally—when I am going out—I will be sexy and feminine. For me, it is about style and comfort.

BR: If you had one style rule to live by, what would it be?

My style is really dictated by my feelings so if I have a crush on anything—clothes, shoes, accessories—I just buy it. No regrets!

Whether she’s flying to her next match or headed out for a night on the town with Race, Ysaora chooses flattering, easy-to-wear styles. She reaches for pieces flexible enough to work for her active lifestyle, like when she fences in our new Devon-Fit Bi-stretch Legging. See them in action and find the perfect pair for your life on the go.