#RaiseEveryVoice With P.A.C.E

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to honor our P.A.C.E. program. For the last 10 years, P.A.C.E. has been dedicated to raising every voice of the women who make your favorite clothes.

Education that empowers

P.A.C.E.—which stands for Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement—is our program designed to empower the women working in our factories. A portion of our profits have been funding P.A.C.E. for the last 10 years, in 16 countries, with one mission: Raise Every Voice.

Give women tools to find words within

Through a curriculum of problem-solving, decision making, time and stress management, health and wellness and financial literacy, these women develop the skills to express themselves so they can become a model of change in their cultures and communities.

Hear their stories in their words

This May, Banana Republic, Athleta and Gap are teaming up to take you on a journey to hear from the powerful women who make your favorite clothes. Check back for their up-close-and-personal stories, coming soon.

Learn more

For more information on how P.A.C.E changes women’s lives, visit our site.