Editor’s Letter: The March Issue


Wow, this winter was a rough one. The snow came down — hard. The temperatures plummeted. We all got stir crazy. Truth be told, life felt a bit at a standstill. Here in California, we didn’t have it as rough as our East Coast friends — but it did rain cats and dogs for weeks. The mountains got gobs of snow, I survived a major blizzard in Tahoe and wasn’t sure I’d live to see another day — so I feel your pain. Other than that, I received all the real-time snow updates from family and friends affected by the weather, liked all your Instagram snow pics, and did my best not to gloat when the sun did decide to make an appearance in San Francisco. Being from the midwest, I’ve done my time in the snow and couldn’t help but laugh at The New Yorker‘s cartoon that captioned: “I’ve blocked all Instagram pics from California.” Not that there’s anything wrong with an little escapism… But, alas we all survived our version of winter and collectively are ready to spring forward, get back to nature and in our element. So, without further ado, say hello to our March feature: In Your Element.

This season, we celebrate a Golden State of mindwhere the line is blurred between indoor and outdoor living, opening up a world of possibilities for a life with no boundaries. Shot in Palm Springs, our campaign features the tranquil desert balanced with the minimalist design and architecture, evoking a new California cool where elevated ease is more than an attitude — it’s an aesthetic. In our first-ever dual-gender feature, earth tones and rugged textures mingle with light-as-air fabrics and fluid silhouettes, paying homage to the natural beauty and effortless vibes of California, where our clothes take shape.

When do you feel most in your element? We feel most in ours when we’re out in the world exploring nature. See you out there?

Stephanie Davila
Editorial Director at Banana Republic