Dress Rehearsal: Meet the Model, Design Student Iman

This month, 19 creative women set the stage for our spring dress collection with their personal style. Students, activists and entrepreneurs made up this diverse group of women. We chatted with some to get the scoop on their unique lives, personal style and their “go-to” power outfit. Read on to hear from Iman, the design student.

BR: For our shoot, you wore our Floral Maxi Dress. How would you style it?

The Floral Maxi Dress felt very bohemian so, depending on the occasion, I would probably style it with some accessories and put my hair up in a messy bun. When it comes to a night out, I might wear it with a pair of leather booties and a denim or leather jacket. 

BR: How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style can range from vintage and girly to streetwear and tomboy. Recently, I have been playing around with hair accessories and jewelry. Overall, my style is very relaxed and primarily earthy tones.

BR: What do you look for in a dress?

I love wearing dresses! I try to find versatile styles that I can play around with and give different aesthetics. I also look for ones that highlight my curves and have a comfortable, relaxed fit.

BR: You’re currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Tell us about your studies.

I’m studying Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I try to take advantage of going to an art school, so I like taking studio classes on the side. Currently, I’m taking silk screen printing and playing around with that. I want to combine the skills I’ll learn from both experiences and make something out of it.

BR: Sustainability in fashion is an interest of yours. What sparked this passion?

A close friend of mine actually sparked my interest in sustainable fashion. I am new to it, so I am hoping to expand my knowledge of sustainability. I just started the Biodesign Challenge, which allows universities around the globe to envision how we can apply biotechnology to everyday use–with the help of biologists and science professors to guide students with their ideas. Essentially, I want to learn how we can incorporate biotechnology into our everyday lives.

BR: What do you aspire to do after school?

I usually don’t like to plan every bit of my life and future. I just enjoy and take in what comes along the way. But I hope by the time I graduate from school, I will have gained experiences with work and traveling. I love learning about different cultures and customs, so I hope to do more of that in the future. I feel like I will end up in New York City—as much as I love traveling and seeing new places, there’s no place like New York.

BR: How do you use clothing for empowerment?

I feel like clothing does help you feel more empowered and confident. At least it does for me–usually, when I’m feeling down or I need a boost of confidence, there’s nothing like a good outfit to make you feel radiant. I feel like when you look good, you truly feel good. You should always dress for yourself and not anybody else. Whether it’s a cozy fit or more dressed up–as long as you’re happy and confident.

BR: How do you dress for your lifestyle?

Dressing for my lifestyle is very chill and relaxed. I’m a student, so I find inspiration from the environment around me. It’s interesting to see how other students, or just people in New York, embrace themselves. I like adding a few unique pieces to my outfits, like a corset or fun body accessories. I love pieces with silhouettes that bring out the shape of my body or flowy clothing that adds a little flare to my outfit.

BR: “Go-to” power outfit? 

I would say my go-to power outfit would be my jeans and a bodysuit to bring out my shape. But if it’s a nice spring or summer day, then a cute dress with sneakers. To top it all off, wear both outfits with fun earrings and rings.

BR: What is something unique about you that people wouldn’t expect?

I’m a very spiritual person. I’m usually aware of everything around me, and I can be intuitive to others emotions and feelings. Another thing is that my relationships are more than everything to me. I treasure the moments I have with my loved ones, and I keep them super close to my heart.

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