Editor’s Letter: The May Issue

Greetings from Morocco!” 

We love to travel. A lot. In fact, our whole company was founded on it in 1978. This summer, we flew to Marrakech to get lost in the souks, drink mint tea and immerse ourselves in their colorful culture. Inspired by our explorer spirit, the dual-gender feature GO YOUR OWN WAY speaks to the freedom of summer—and what you wear and do when you’re living life on your own terms. From rich saffron and paprika shades inspired by Moroccan spice markets, to light linens and cottons perfect for chasing the sun, these are the pieces you’ll wear on repeat during your summer of long weekends.

If this sparked your wanderlust or plans for a Moroccan adventure, check out 72 Hours in Marrakech, our insider’s guide to navigating the city, created in partnership with our team based there!  

Where are you off to next? Shop GO YOUR OWN WAY then show us your vacation style on Instagram by tagging @bananarepublic and #itsbanana.

Wish you were here,

Stephanie Davila
Editorial Director at Banana Republic