Suiting 101: How to Get the Most Out of Your Suit

So you bought a new suit. Congrats! It’s an investment piece every guy needs in his rotation. You may have seen our guide on how to buy a suit. If so, we’re glad we could help.

Now that you’ve got a great 2- or 3-piece, let’s get into the details of how to wear it, from choosing your fabric and dressing for specific occasions to how to level up your look with ties, cufflinks and all those fine details. 


At BR, our fabrics are the treasures. We partner with some of the best mills in the world to ensure you get top-quality materials at a price that won’t break the bank. We also prioritize performance benefits because in this day and age, the world is your workplace (and playground).

Here’s the breakdown of all of our key suit fabrics:

Italian Wool – Lightweight, long-lasting fabric from Marzotto, an Italian mill that’s known for some of the best blends in the world.

Italian Sharkskin – A soft, textured fabric with a smooth, two-tone appearance. This one also comes from Marzotto, so you know you’re getting the best quality.

Micro Houndstooth – Nothing cooler than a classic print turned on its head. We took houndstooth and made it even smaller. Call it “puppytooth.”

Core Temp – Made with volcanic sand to help regulate your body temperature, this fabric will keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

Smart-Weight – Our lightest suit yet. It’s got a feather-light feel to it, but it’s designed to last and last.

Rapid Movement – The name says it all. Rapid Movement Blazers and Pants are the stretchiest of our range. Great for guys on the go.

How to Tie a Tie

Next time you’re in a pinch getting ready and you don’t want to be on the next episode of “True Life: I Don’t Know How to Tie a Tie,” bookmark this easy guide. We’re giving you simple steps to tying two different knots, plus some tips for the dapper bow-tie men of the world.

The Windsor Knot
This is the classic knot every guy should know. Simple, timeless and relatively easy.

  1. Get the wide side longer.
  2. Put the wide end over the smaller end.
  3. Bring the wide end up through the neck.
  4. Make some space in the loop you created.
  5. Tuck the wide end through the loop.
  6. Hold the knot and pull the smaller end to tighten.

The Prince Albert Knot

  1. Get the wide side longer.
  2. Bring the wide end over the smaller end.
  3. Repeat!
  4. Bring the wide end up through the neck.
  5. Make some space in the loop you created through both loops.
  6. Tuck the wide end through the loop.
  7. Hold the knot and pull the smaller end to tighten.

The Bow Tie
Don’t let it intimidate you! The bow tie is your friend. Tying one can get complicated, which is why we make ours pre-tied to save you some time. However, there are a few easy ways to make sure you look sharp and dapper as ever in one of these:

Match the notch to the same neck measurement as your shirt so you’re comfortable.

Make sure it’s not too tight. (This one’s a no-brainer.)

It should hit right at the top button of your collar. If it hangs down, tighten it up a notch or two.


From black-tie events, special nights out or an important day at the office, suits can be key when life throws you a curveball and you need to step up your game. To help you knock suit style out of the park, we’ve put together a few looks that’ll have you looking and feeling your best.  

“Black-Tie Optional” 

Keep it slim and simple. Opt for a classic black blazer matching pants for a sophisticated look. Tie it all together with a patterned tie and matching pocket square to stand out in the crowd. (Hint: read on for some accessory tips and tricks.)

Meeting at 3, Drinks at 4 

Wearing a suit to the office can feel a little stuffy, but therein lies the creative challenge. For an unconventional, refreshing spin, dress up by dressing down. We’re talking cotton hoodie meets sharkskin suit. You’ll look great in that Friday meeting and ease right into happy hour after.

Michelin-Star Style 

Treating yourself—or someone special—to a nice night out? Don’t stress the dress code. Break up your suit with a sweater polo to add texture, and go for a slim fit that makes you look ultra sharp.


You’re suited up and almost ready to go—but first, think about those final touches that show you really know your stuff. The right accessories will elevate a solid suit.

Anything But Square

Pocket squares add a pop of color and a fine line to your jacket. Go for a contrasting color to what you’re wearing, or keep it crisp and white. (But make sure to do a simple fold rather than the messy untuck.)

Pin for the Win

A lapel pin doesn’t serve a physical function—but it does look pretty damn sharp. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of whimsy or a couple of animals here and there. 

Brass Tacks

Tie bars are a must for every guy—seriously. Not only do they hold your tie in place, but they also add a bit of hardware that contrasts what’s going on around your neck. Tie it up, fasten it to your shirt placket and you’re good to go.

Missed our new guide to buying a suit? Shame on you! (Kidding—we can forgive you this time.) Good news, though: it’s here when you need it. Plus, check out how guys on Instagram are wearing our suits @bananarepublicmens with #BRMens.