“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living; it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” — Dr. Seuss

Our holiday campaign CELEBRATE captures the childlike wonder of the holidays, when we let ourselves be kids again. Set in a “house of holiday” in New York, we created a fantastical place where all your style dreams come true. The four-part series takes a playful look at style and celebration. Check back each week as we refresh the story. In the meantime, read the holiday post where our Creative Director Len Peltier takes you down the rabbit hole of the campaign and to meet a few of the dancers.

Speaking of pushing boundaries, we are honored our True Hues social campaign is a finalist for the Shorty Awards. Launched during Diversity Month in April, we proudly introduced an assortment of inclusive nude-colored essential undergarments and accessories designed to celebrate a range of skin tones. What began with a “designer and a dream” quickly grew to be much more than that and was brought to life with an inclusive mix of voices and perspectives. Shop the collection then read more about the project here

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Stephanie Davila
Editorial Director at Banana Republic