From the Archives: Travel Essentials from ‘86

Title: Carry On!

Issue: Fall Update

Year: 1986

We’re taking a deep dive into the archives of Banana Republic. From its beginning, storytelling was always built into our DNA. Our first catalog was published in 1979, marking what was to be an important chapter for the brand and its fascination with all things adventure. Fun fact: the likes of author Hunter S. Thompson — of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas fame — contributed to our early publications.

Here we take a perusal through our Fall 1986 issue. The cover – illustrated by San Francisco artist Ward Schumaker – features a zebra carrying packed luggage, headed towards a new adventure. Inspired by safari expeditions, Carry On! featured essential, effortless styles designed for any destination, promising an inside look at the “Wisdom and Whimsy, Art and Science, of Taking it With You.” From lightweight sweaters and blouses to structured pants and outerwear, this collection was a call to action: set forth towards new, exhilarating discoveries, endure through the journey with patience and pack lightly for easy travel.

Stay tuned for more stories from the archives of Banana Republic as we take a look back at our history of storytelling.