Ride In Style With Olivia Palermo

 What else is there to do but shop on a snow day? –Nausheen Shah

Looking flawless in the middle of a blizzard, our Global Style Ambassador, Olivia Palermo, and her BFF Nausheen Shah hopped into one of our custom BMW #BRStyleRide cars, conveniently parked outside Banana Republic’s Soho, NYC store, and headed to Rockefeller Center to pick up one lucky shopper and self-confessed Olivia fan. On the way, the girls caught up on the typical spring Fashion Week weather (ahem, BLIZZARD), as well as fashion, fashion and more fashion.

Olivia’s advice on how to dress during a massive snow storm? “Layer up people, layer up!” Full disclosure: have two pairs of shoes with you at all times: shoes to walk in and get wet, and cute shoes to actually be seen in (an oversized bag is what makes this feat possible). Also, don’t underestimate the endless polish of the scarf when it’s nothing but chaos outside.

A few of our favorite ideas:

1. Accessorize your handbag by tying a scarf around the arm handle.

2. Wear it as a necktie.

3. Try it as a ponytail holder to look chic and also prevent hair breakage.

4. Tie it around your wrist or a denim belt loop.

–Taylor Holmes