Life, Styled:
Banana Republic + POPSUGAR

Style is about more than the clothes you wear—it’s the life you get dressed to lead. We partnered with POPSUGAR to outfit four female leaders who’ve made a bold-faced TURN to better themselves—and the world. Consider them proof the possibilities are fearless.

Aeshia Devore Branch made her TURN from a career in TV to one in community outreach. Her inspiring initiative Pretty Girls Sweat combats childhood obesity along the same vein of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign and encourages girls not to compare themselves to others. She’s helping them become health leaders in their communities and make fitness a priority. So far, she’s reached more than 20,000 girls in 8 cities across America, each year. Watch her inspiring story here:


Allison Fleece and Danielle Thornton made their TURN after their first chance encounter, both of them bonded by a mutual desire to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. They’ve since quit their full-time jobs in NYC and started their own adventure travel company, WHOA (Women High On Adventure). Now they’re helping other women climb—and move—mountains, offering close to a dozen trips per year in six locations, and giving back to local communities and the world at large.

Melissa Ben-Ishay decided to TURN after losing her job in advertising, harnessing her baking skills with her brother’s encouragement and launching a small business specializing in her signature mini-cupcakes. Now a bonafide chain, Baked by Melissa is booming with 13 retail stores, nationwide delivery and a full menu of bite-sized cupcakes, muffins and macarons.

Be bold and the rest will follow.