A Guy Named Patrick

If you’ve been following us on Instagram lately, you’re likely already familiar with NYC’s tastemaker-turned-entrepreneur Patrick Janelle. Most recognize him through the awe-inspiring stories he tells about food, fashion and travel via @aguynamedpatrick.

“I’ve always seen the world as a series of visual moments. That’s what inspired me to study graphic design in college and how I ended up on a creative path,” he says. After a couple of years working in the art department at Bon Appétit magazine, Janelle stepped out on his own to forge brand partnerships, create secret pop-up gatherings across Manhattan, and pursue the luxe lifestyle that’s become his signature. “I learned to make positive choices from an acting coach—it was his advice regarding scene work and making decisions about how a character reacts. But the truth is, allowing your character to make a positive choice isn’t much different than allowing yourself to do so every day.” Clearly he’s mastered his style choices, as well.

What moves Patrick?

“New York. I moved here to pursue design, acting and new businesses. Each morning I can’t wait to take the next step and see where each of those paths will take me. Every day, New York is many different things to me: coffee with a friend, a business meeting, time in the office, weaving through masses of people, and dinner out. I love getting ready in the morning and thinking what pieces of clothing I need to navigate me from one scenario to another. The most versatile look I can always count on is a long sleeve BR knit layered under an unstructured jacket.”

“After a long day, I reset with a solo dinner at the bar of a favorite restaurant like Minetta Tavern. I love being alone, but surrounded by the bustle of other diners. It reminds me why I love New York so much.”

“I’m always on the lookout for the most daring places to host Spring Street Social Society parties.”

“Last fall, we landed on the rooftop of the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn for a moon-lit dinner overlooking Manhattan.”






“The striped tee is the most versatile look for working: both under a blazer at the office or making new connections over a weekend drink.”

“Slipping on a short-sleeve button up instantly gives me a spring-summer vibe while still getting the benefits of the dressed, buttoned up look. ”


“I love popping the collar on a double-breasted coat, especially on a breezy day running from meeting to meeting.”


“These classic trousers can work any day of the week, and since they have a tiny bit of spandex, they make for a comfortable cycling commute around town.”


“I often bare my ankles below my high-hemmed trousers, but when I cover them up on chilly NYC days, I like to keep it fun, like with these camo patterned socks.”

“Wearing a slip-on to the airport is key for a swift entry through security, weather the destination is for business or pleasure.”