Meet The Pants

If you know our signature trousers, they’ve likely become your signature too.  If you don’t, get ready to file them under ‘life-changing,’ right next to your favorite pair of perfect-fitting denim. Here’s why you need at least one pair of each, and how to wear them now. We enlisted some of the style-savviest influencers to show you how to make them your own.


Whoever said perfection is unattainable didn’t know Sloan. The exposed ankle is your shining shoe moment. And, yes, the rest of you gets a little moment in the spotlight as well. Fitted hips. Sleek legs. Power stretch fabric lends amazing stretch and recovery. A little flattery will get you everywhere.


Classic trouser forever. Nothing’s more flatting than a flat front. Slim through the hip and thigh, Avery creates a tailored silhouette that adds all kinds of depth and flexibility to your wardrobe, especially when you start playing with color and patterns. Try a tucked-in blouse so the world can admire those strategically placed, seat-lifting rear pockets.


Our menswear-inspired Logan fit boasts a little extra sway and swoosh, plus a touch of glamour should you choose to dress it up (and you will). The contoured waistband flexes to your body, but more important, a wider trouser is ideal for days when you’ll be doing a day-to-dusk transformation. These go from on-duty to on-the-town faster than you can say ‘taxi!’.



Say hello to 365 svelte days. Ryan is our sleekest pant (did we mention this fit comes in pink?). The shapely silhouette is entirely modern and affectionately known as ‘legs for days’. Straight through the hip and thigh, this fit sits ever-so comfortably below the waist. The extra length makes you look and feel trim. Even more so with a nude stiletto. So slimming. So stunning.