How We Do: Paisley

Vivid as ever, paisley is a perennial style fave because of the way it anchors an outfit and adds a touch of sophistication to anything. We’ve got a few tips for perfecting the look like influencers @themrsgibby, @thelushlist and @melrosenkilde (pictured in order, below). These darling dresses prove the timeless teardrop icon isn’t just for guys and their ties.


1. Embellish an outfit with a single pop of paisley, like a square scarf. It’s a subtle approach and a smart way to experiment with the pattern before you go all out (trust us, you will want to go all out, head-to-toe).

2. Our waist-cinching, pleated paisely dress swishes, sways and creates all kinds of eye-catching movement, turning any sidewalk into a veritable catwalk. Throw on a cardi and you’re out the door, ready for anything.

3. How swiftly a paisley button-down replaces your white button-down (dare we say, you won’t even miss it). Tuck one side into crisp, dark jeans for a modern twist on timeless.

4. Have yourself a Hepburn moment in refined, wide-leg trousers in a bold paisley. Simply pair them with a solid top, or experiment with contrasting paisley patterns of different sizes.  Paisley-on-paisley? Yes, go for it.

5. When in doubt, the most versatile paisley print is made up of shades that are mostly one tone (note our strategic use of blues and whites this season). Neutral tones are also a cinch to pull off on the daily.

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