Live Deliciously

We have a sweet spot for cupcakes. And the women who defy all odds to make them their livelihood.

In 2008, Melissa Ben-Ishay lost her job in advertising. Thank goodness her brother was a believer in the power of positive baking. With his enocouragement, Melissa turned her hobby since childhood—making bite-sized baked goods—into a full-time pursuit. NYC-based cupcakery Baked By Melissa was born and she’s never looked back.

A sweet success story, Baked By Melissa now exists in 13 locations, including JFK’s JetBlue Terminal 5. The menu includes an array of inventive cupcakes, cookies and macarons, but she also founded the ‘cupcaron’, a cupcake-macaron hybrid in fleeting seasonal flavors such as strawberry cream, chocolate graham and cotton candy. We admire Melissa’s creativity, ambition and stylistic innovation. We are honored she’s a part of our TURN IT campaign with PopSugar, which spotlights women who’ve pioneered a bold path toward positive change.

They say at any given time, you’re one decision away from turning your life around. The proof’s in the pudding. Or, this time, the cupcake mix.