A Sensory History

Five new BR fragrances launch today, proving there’s so much more to creating your ‘signature’ than wearing the right accessories (although that’s a great place to start). Your scent speaks volumes, sets a mood, and—when mingled with your chemistry—becomes a part of you. Perfected by master perfumers, The Icon Collection is steeped in our heritage. Each unisex fragrance represents an iconic moment in time.


78 Vintage Green

True to our travel and safari roots, this scent is intrepid, dashing and all about exploration. It was perfected to reflect originality, voice and vision circa 1978—the year Banana Republic was founded. Gina Percontino designed this fresh, green woody fragrance to be as comfortable and wearable as our best-selling photojournalist’s vest: “Vintage Green captures the fantasy of adventure travel.”


83 Leather Reserve

The moment was 1983 and the culture was steeped in individualism, boldness and perpetual optimism for the future. Perfumer Vince Kuczinski recalls the eighties with nostalgic warmth: “I had this perfect suede jacket that was so soft…all the girls wanted to wear my jacket.” Here, he evokes the same addictive leathery softness of suede with warm amber and sparkling neroli.



90 Pure White

A clean, natural feel with a subtle touch of sex appeal straight out of the early 1990s. Maker Patricia Choux wraps musk and lavender notes in amber scents to create a pure, classic feeling: “Pure white smells transparent yet sexy. Musk and lavender have a just-showered sensation…a very fresh, watery feel.”



06 Black Platinum

Sleek style and design collide—this one is undeniably 2006. Scents of leather and moss are balanced by a hint of citrus and floral. “Ten years ago we started seeing renewed interest in sophisticated, traditional chypre scents,” Gino Percontino says. “Black Platinum is a modern chypre with elegant floralcy over sensual leather and moss.”



17 Oud Mosaic

A future classic. Internationally-beloved aromas collide, befitting ‘citizens of the world’—a mantra for 2017 and beyond. Maker Claude Dir combines fruity notes from America and Western Europe with the smoky warmth of Middle Eastern spice markets and the delicate, fresh floral scents of Asia: “This is a mosaic for our shared global future.”