The Art Of The Polo

On a scale of 1 to iconic, the polo shirt ranks a solid 11. Honestly, no other shirt makes you look so completely at ease, not to mention sailboat- or golf-ready at a moment’s notice. Simple polos are the easiest base to build looks around all summer long, with everything from white denim to classic chinos. We’ve mastered your polo’s performance with 4 classic styles that are as practical as they are dashing.

PIQUE  A precise, tailored cut. Cool, breathable cotton in a lightweight finish.


LUXURY-TOUCH  First-class cotton with a hand-feel for a reliably polished presentation.


TERRY  Perfect for a dip in the ocean or a warm, sunny day. The texture is unexpected and fabric is light and quick-drying.


SUPIMA  Grown in the USA, this superior cotton has a lustrous feel and sturdy wear that resists pilling and shrinkage.

Dress them up or down on demand.