The Power Of Female Artisans: Our Piece & Co. Partnership

One of the most powerful things we do as a global retailer is affect positive change in communities all over the world. This month, we’re proud to feature a limited-edition, 20-piece capsule collection bringing to life the works of 5,000 female artisans in South Africa and Ghana through a partnership with Piece & Co. The artisan-made, sustainably-produced textiles feature hand-painted fabrics, sun-dyed prints, bold colors and textures. Our South African print is the cooperative’s largest order to date, greatly impacting the futures of the women and communities behind the craft.

Our team traveled to meet these exceptional women, experience their heritage and craft, and talk to them about their process. “It was an emotional experience,” says BR Sr Director of Photography Jen Matic, who spent a few days in South Africa¬†with the artisans capturing the images and video. “This was an uplifting reminder of what’s possible when women join forces to create something unique. This collection is as special as the story behind it.”

As for the incredible technique, the textiles are made with a water-based dye that develops in the sunlight on natural materials (think cotton and silk).¬†Leaves and flowers are then placed on the fabric to form stunning patterns. The result? A collection so summery, so luxe, you’ll proudly wear it forever. It’s fashion that makes its mark and a lasting impact.