On Set With Sloan … And BR Stylist Blair Williams

The models you see on Banana Republic billboards aren’t the only ones who look amazing in our famed Sloan pants. Blair Williams, our Senior Stylist (and Mother of Henri, the unofficial Banana Republic mascot), wears them on-set, showcasing their superior slimming, smoothing and lengthening capabilities. Adored for her sense of humor as much as her sense of style, here she shines in her own model moment.

I just love the way Sloan pants fit. They’re super-flattering, comfortable and I can wear them with anything.

I literally can wear these every day.”

The cut of the leg is so slimming, even without heels. Plus—the perfect amount of ankle.

Blair, what do you love most about working for BR?

I rarely have to sit at a desk and I get to play with clothes all day long! Who wouldn’t want to play dress up all day? I also love that styling bridges a lot of different departments, so I get to work with a lot of different teams within the brand. I’m a San Francisco native and have always been a huge fan of all Gap brands, but Banana has always had that strong sense of nostalgia associated with it for me. I remember loving BR back in the 90’s and still to this day!

Favorite way to unwind after a long day at work?

Rosé all day! Well maybe not alllll day, but a nice glass of wine and a good dinner with friends after work is the best night for me.

Your single most impactful fashion influence?

I absolutely love people who take risks. I’m always inspired by the immense confidence and strength it takes to pull off some of these looks. I wouldn’t say I’m inspired by one person in general, but have you seen Celine Dion’s new videos for Vogue? If not, WATCH THEM! That’s inspiring to me—fashion that is more than just the clothes: it’s the energy, movement, art direction, sets… (I could go on and on.)

Describe your style in one word. Okay, maybe three.

Classic, always accessorized, clean lines (whoops, I cheated).

How has your style evolved over the last decade or two?

My style at 16 was all tomboy, sporty and classic. I look at pictures from high school and think, I still wear that same outfit! I guess that’s the epitome of timeless (wink, wink).

Seriously! On a larger scale, what does timeless style mean to you?

I think classic and timeless mean that while you may incorporate current trends into your style, it’s never too trendy or tricked up that you would look at yourself in 15 years and wonder ‘what on earth was I thinking?!’

Do you have any true loves? How do they move you?

I have a dog named Henri, who has been my confidant and BFF for the past 11+ years. He puts a smile on my face every morning when I wake up. I’m very lucky to be able to bring him with me to work and on shoots. He just makes everyone around him happy and brings the best energy to the room!

An effortless-looking tuck is a must. After all, a Sloan rear view is the best view.

If your closet could talk, what would it tell us about you?

My closets are so completely stuffed to the brim that there’s no way they would be able to talk. They would probably say  ‘Help…me…!’  I have a major obsession with coats and jackets. Luckily, I live in San Francisco and can wear them all year round.

If you could only eat one thing and wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would probably eat an ‘everything’ bagel with all the fixings for breakfast, lunch and dinner (maybe even midnight snack) and my black leather moto jacket is something I could never live without. I wear it with hoodies, dresses, you name it.

What’s one must-have of the season that’s changed your wardrobe for the better?

Metallic Gucci slides. I normally wear a lot of black so I love punctuating my look with a crazy-fun shoe or lots of gold jewelry.

The one thing you’re always thrilled to spend money on?

If I find an amazing, season-less jacket, I just can’t say no! Jackets and shoes are always my favorite way to complete an outfit.

Your fave secret shopping tip?

If you try something on and love it, treat yourself. But, don’t try it on if you’re not prepared to buy it, because then you’re just torturing yourself. Trust me, I’ve done this one too many times. Also, don’t ever buy something you’re not totally in love with because you’ll never wear it. I always feel bad for my clothes that just sit there.

Favorite fashion quote?

Karl Lagerfeld says ‘trendy is the last stage before tacky.’ I couldn’t agree more.