Culture Club: The Color Factory

Over the past few months, San Franciscans have been flocking to The Color Factory, a new pop-up museum, to experience living in full color. The two-story interactive exhibit features playful installations built by one of our favorite bloggers Jordan Ferney, creator of Oh Happy Day, and artists such as Leah Rosenberg, Jacob Dahlgren, Rebecca Wright and Tom Stayte. The fantastical self-guided tour is candy coated with disco balls, flying confetti, and rainbow streamers. The oversized Lite Brite experience and adult-sized ball pit are sure to awaken your inner child.

Designed by Erin Jang.
Outside facade of The Color Factory.

“Watching people move through the collection smiling is wonderful—and comes at a time in the world when everyone needs it,” says Creative Director Rosenberg.

The sold-out exhibit runs through mid-November. If you didn’t score a golden ticket, it’s worth a stroll outside the fruit-striped building for an obligatory selfie.

Designed by Tom Stayte.
Illustration by People I’ve Loved.
Designed by Jacob Dahlgren.
Our influencer aficionado and office comedian Mandi Villa with her husband.
Our marketing guru Meena Anvary in the Confetti Room.
The Lite Brite Room.
The Colorful Corridor.