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Baxter of California

Since 1965, Baxter of California has been dedicated to making men look good. What began as a way to fill the void of men’s grooming products in the market, Baxter Finley decided to start making his own. Ahead of his time, the visionary soon realized that he wasn’t the only one interested in keeping up his good looks. By the 1970s, he developed a full line of skincare, haircare and shaving products that revolutionized the grooming game. Since then the business has grown (no pun intended) into namesake barber shops that have become synonymous with decadent, old-school pampering.

We sat down with the legendary groomers—who also happen to run one of Los Angeles’s coolest barber shops— to get their grooming tips just in time for the holidays.

BR: Why is it vital for men to put an effort into their appearance?

BAXTER: For the modern man, grooming is more than a morning routine—it is a way of life. Grooming allows men to embrace who they are, with confidence, and live life true.

BR: What makes Baxter products so manly?

BAXTER: All Baxter of California products are designed specifically for men. We believe in simple, effective products that make grooming easy and help men embrace the adventure that each day brings!

BR: Pick three to six products carried at Banana Republic and give us your tips for using them to their full potential.

BAXTER: Clay Pomade: Try applying this pomade in two steps, for an even stronger hold! Step one: Apply Clay Pomade to the roots of your hair—building a foundation for a strong style. Step 2: Apply a small amount of product to the top of your hair to achieve your desired style.

Facial Scrub: Use Facial Scrub three times a week to help exfoliate skin and reduce ingrown hairs.

Super Close Shave Formula: Apply this non-foaming shave cream with a badger brush to uplift facial hair.

BR: What is your best anti-aging tip for men?

BAXTER: Moisturize. Most of the signs of skin again come from skin that is too dry. Using a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer, will help to restore hydration to the skin—reducing those annoying fine lines.

BR: What is your definition of debonair?

BAXTER: For us, a debonair man is one who embraces his own perfection and leaves his own mark.

BR: What are some “beauty” tips men may have never heard before but will make a difference in their appearance?

BAXTER: Use a toner before you moisturize! Toners, like Baxter of California’s Herbal Mint Toner, help to reduce pore size and help increase skin hydration.

BR: What does a modern man’s routine look like these days?

BAXTER: The modern man’s routine is through, simple and effective. 1. Clean: Wash your body and face with sulfate-free, non-drying cleansers to remove dirt and oil. 2. Shave: Use shaving creams that provide a good cushion, reducing skin irritation. 3. Style: Achieve your desired style with pomades that work best with your hair type!

BR: What’s the secret to a prime shave?

BAXTER: The secret to your closest shave is a good after-shave that helps to soothe skin and reduce ingrown hairs. Baxter of California’s After Shave Balm is a soothing, cooling treatment that cut redness immediately!

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