BR Q&A: On the Hunt with
Seth Weisser, CEO of What Goes Around Comes Around

“While trends come and go, classics never go out of styleand sometimes they become the trend.” 

We sat down with Seth Weisser, CEO of What Goes Around Comes Around, to dig into the details of luxury vintage fashion. In partnership with Banana Republic, the New York-based company curates a selection of vintage luxury goods handpicked just for you. Weisser shares the DNA of luxury fashion, the secrets behind the most iconic styles and their favorite finds after 25 years in the business.

BR: What is the importance of vintage fashion?

Our assortment of pieces offers a glimpse into the connection of fashion’s past and present. Shopping at What Goes Around Comes Around is truly exciting because the combination of authentic vintage and rare collectible is one that does not exist in any other retail forum. From vintage designer, denim, rock ‘n’ roll, to luxury heritage brands, shoppers can have a unique experience unlike the more standard homogenized luxury retailers.

BR: Why do some trends make a comeback while others never leave?

There’s a clear distinction between the classics and trends. While trends come and go, classics never go out of styleand sometimes they become the trend. Heritage pieces will often make their way back with modern updates that continue to inspire creativity. That’s why we have so many of the top designers shopping with us. They get inspiration from the past and interpret those pieces for the future.

BR: What qualities make a piece ‘iconic’ and able to live forever?

Pieces that become iconic are usually driven by how they are launched, and who wears them. When Grace Kelly wore her Hermès bag to hide her baby bump, that bag became known as the “Kelly Bag”. That was an unusual moment, but nonetheless demonstrates what helps an item become “iconic”. The classic Louis Vuitton Monogram is iconic on any silhouette, so this applies to more than just a style in its interpretation. We have many examples of iconic fashion: James Dean’s leather jacket, Marlon Brando’s biker jacket, Dior’s slip dress and Le Smoking Suit by Yves Saint Laurent.

BR: What is the true meaning of luxury? How can a person express that in the way they dress, beyond just labels?

The definition of luxury has become used and abused many times. The overall concept means something of the highest quality and something that is exclusive. For What Goes Around Comes Around, and for luxury vintage, these standards remain the pillar of our definition and existence.

BR: Explain how certain unexpected items—a concert tee, for instance—can be luxe.

We wouldn’t consider rock tees a luxury piece, but more of a collectible. While these tees lack the quality aspect of luxury, this doesn’t make them any less expensive. They are exclusive, so they fall into a collectable category. Vintage collectibles run a wide range, from rock tees to Levi’s to many other rare pieces from the past.

BR: What are some of your favorite fashion quotes?

Ralph Lauren once said, “I don’t design clothes, I design dreams”. We love that quote because shopping at What Goes Around Comes Around is dreamlike. Coco Chanel’s most famous quote is “Fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever.” We couldn’t agree more.

BR: What’s the rarest and most desirable piece you’ve scouted so far?

That’s a question that’s hard to answer with just one answer. With more than 25 years on the hunt, we have been fortunate to find many of fashion and vintage’s “Holy Grail” pieces. One item to note was an original pair of Levi’s from the 1880’s. At the time, they were the oldest pair known. Levi Strauss eventually purchased them for their Museum. In our luxury pursuits, we’ve secured some of the rarest items from Chanel and Hermès, which have thrilled our collectors and clients.

BR: Where is the furthest you’ve ever traveled in search of luxury fashion?

In our early days, we went to the furthest points of the continental US, crisscrossing every part of the country. We now travel the globe–across Europe and Asia–to uncover great, rare and luxurious pieces.

Traveling the world for the most collectible pieces, Scott Weisser and the team at What Goes Around Comes Around have the best selection of vintage luxury fashion. Shop Luxe Finds from What Goes Around Comes Around for Banana Republic.