The Crocker Family’s
Denim Style

We asked 25 women to style our premium denim their way. Here’s a closer look at how they wear our jeans, IRL.

Name: Ceci Crocker
Job: Real Estate
Name: Steph Crocker
Age: 32
Job: Stylist
Name: Samantha Crocker
Age: 29
Job: Calligrapher

BR: What pair of jeans did you wear in our photo shoot? What did you like about them?
Ceci: I wore the Girlfriend Jean. I liked the fabric and the tapered leg—they fit like a glove.
Steph: The Girlfriend Jean—I love how versatile they are!
Samantha: The Slim-Straight Jean. I like that I can dress them up or down—they’re comfortable and relaxed—and how they make my booty look!

BR: How would you style the jeans you wore for our photo shoot in real life?
Samantha: I would pair them with high-top sneakers, a white tee and a leather jacket.

BR: When do you typically wear jeans?
Steph: 300 out of 365 days a year.

BR: What do you look for in a pair of jeans?
Ceci: Comfort and fit.

BR: What’s your style mantra?
Samantha: Only wear things that you feel happy and confident in—life’s too short for anything less than that.

BR: Denim on denim—what are your thoughts?
Steph: INTO IT.

BR: How would you describe your style?
Ceci: Classic, eclectic, comfortable.

BR: What’s your style advice?
Steph: Layer, layer, layer!

BR: Who is your style icon?
Samantha: My sister.


Skinny or wide-leg? Steph: Both—that’s like choosing between water and coffee!
High, mid or low rise? Steph & Samantha: High.
Dark, medium or light wash? Ceci: Dark.
Distressed or pristine? Ceci & Samantha: Pristine.
Stretch or selvedge? All three: Stretch!

What’s your denim style? Find your perfect fit and show us how you look #InTheJeans on Instagram.