Tailah’s Denim Style

Name: Tailah
Age: 27
Occupation: Bartender

BR: What pair of jeans did you wear in our photo shoot? What did you like about them?

I wore the Slim Straight Jean. The fit is exactly what I’m looking for when I jean shop—jeans that hug me but don’t suffocate me.

BR: How would you style the jeans you wore for our photo shoot in real life?
If I’m running to my local Ralph’s [grocery store], these are my go-to jeans. A slouchy, deep V-neck with some sneakers and I’m officially a casual babe.

BR: When do you typically wear jeans?
I throw on jeans for everything: a trip to the store, to work, even brunch on Sundays.

BR: What’s your style mantra?
I shop for pieces that are different. I don’t want to show up with the same outfit on as someone else. I find the best things at thrift stores—one-of-a-kind pieces for a bargain.

BR: What do you look for in a pair of jeans?
I’ve always had this thing with pocket stitching. I’m shockingly good at knowing a brand by looking at the pocket design stitched into them. So, I always look for plain pockets that can’t be identified.

BR: Do you have a denim style hack?
On a skinny jean, I love a cuff for some extra leg action. Sometimes a double-fold, but that’s a whole new vibe.

BR: What do you do to make a pair of jeans your own?
I buy pristine jeans and make them my own by distressing them myself.

BR: Denim on denim—what are your thoughts?
I love denim on denim. One of my favorite looks is skinny, black jeans with a distressed knee paired with a white tee under a medium-wash blue denim jacket.


Skinny or wide-leg? Skinny

High, mid or low rise? High

Dark, medium or light wash? Dark

Distressed or pristine? Pristine, then I distress them to my liking.

Stretch or selvedge? Stretch

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