Audrey’s Denim Style

We asked 25 women to style our premium denim their way. Here’s a closer look at how they wear the jeans, IRL.

Name: Audrey
Age: 27
Occupation: Model

BR: What pair of jeans did you wear in our photo shoot? What did you like about them?
They were some amazing mid-rise black jeans—these will be my new favorite go-to for everything!

BR: How would you style the jeans you wore for our photo shoot in real life?
I would wear these jeans with a comfy striped t-shirt, a leather belt and some cool funky shoes!

BR: When do you typically wear jeans?
I typically wear jeans in my day-to-day routine. If I want to dress them up a little all I have to do is throw on a heeled bootie and I’m good to go.

BR: How would you describe your style?
Loud, wild and random!

BR: What’s your style mantra?
I suppose my style mantra would be to trust your gut. Go with what you think would be comfy and cute. Jeans can be worn up or down—there are no rules in fashion!

BR: What’s your style advice?
Don’t be afraid to wear anything—even if you think you can’t rock it!

BR: Who is your style icon?
Anyone who can go from tomboy to girly girl is definitely my style icon.

BR: Do you have a denim style hack?
Don’t wash them after every time you wear them. It sounds gross, but if you don’t get too dirty the jeans just form to your body and get comfier and comfier!

BR: What do you do to make a pair of jeans your own?
If my jeans get a little rip or tear in them I just go with it. You can fold them up to make them more relaxed if they start getting older and it’s a whole new look.

BR: Denim on denim—what are your thoughts?
I love myself a Canadian tuxedo! One of my favorite winter looks is some boyfriend jeans with a sweater and a big, baggy jean jacket. Even a skinny jean with a denim button-up shirt looks so classic!


Skinny or wide-leg? Skinny

High, mid or low rise? Mid rise

Dark, medium or light wash? Medium

Distressed or pristine? Distressed

Stretch or selvedge? Stretch

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