Artist Berto Reed on
The Art of Personal Style

Simply put, I continue doing whatever it is that terrifies me the most.”

Our February collections, New (Master)Pieces and The Art of Personal Style, celebrate art in a bright, vivacious way. We hand-selected several artists and chatted with them about their art, love of color and personal style. Berto Reed, or loveberto, brings light and color to walls through his vibrant murals, found in places such as Los Angeles, New York and Sydney. We spoke with Berto about his creative process, use of color and wardrobe essentials. 

BR: Describe your creative process.

I take walks and waste time when needed, so my mind can wander. Ideas from this process are then sketched into a little black book I keep. Everything conceptually begins there. 

BR: What role does color play in your art?

Color is everything. It gives overall mood to my pieces.

BR: Where do you find creative inspiration?

I’m less focused on finding inspiration and more interested in keeping my inner child alive. It’s that inner child that gives me the inspiration to create.

BR: Living a life with no boundaries is a huge part of our DNA at Banana Republic. How do you continue to push boundaries within your art?

Simply put, I continue doing whatever it is that terrifies me the most. That–and I don’t measure myself up to other artists. Outward expectations can kill the creative journey. I focus on the inward exploration and let go.

BR: Do your artistic tastes, such as your love of bright color, translate into your wardrobe?

Not necessarily. My eye likes what it likes, whether that is something colorful or neutral. Sometimes, both color and neutrality play off each other well, and other days I’m dressed like a minimal zen ninja. There’s really no barometer dictating my style from day to day. I will wear whatever feels right.

BR: What’s your favorite color to work with, and what is your favorite color to wear?

I don’t really do favorites but I have been using a lot of red over the last year in my canvas work. Red pops and just feels good as a base layer to work from. Clothing-wise, I’m a sucker for military green.

BR: An item in your wardrobe you can’t live without and why?

My black-and-red flannel jacket. It’s comfy, goes with everything and keeps me warm.

BR: You have creative freedom when it comes to getting dressed for work. Do you find yourself exercising your creative muscle when you get dressed, or do you resort to uniform-style dressing?

I have a uniform-style way of dressing which comes from a creative place. I alternate a few choice pieces in different ways. Everything I own is covered in paint too, which ends up working well visually.

BR: What is your proudest artistic moment so far?

Honestly, it’s just a dream living this art-filled life. I never thought I’d be getting paid to create, so I’m proud by simply doing just that.

Berto illustrates a creative life both through his artwork and everyday style. Go behind the scenes with Berto on Instagram, then explore our February collections, New (Master)Pieces and The Art of Personal Style. Photos by Ethan Lovell.