Dress Rehearsal:
Meet the Model,
Metalsmith Ruqayyah

This month, 19 creative women set the stage for our spring dress collection with their personal style. Students, activists and entrepreneurs made up this diverse group of women. We chatted with some to get the scoop on their unique lives, personal style and their “go-to” power outfit. Read on to hear from Ruqayyah, the metalsmith.

BR: For our shoot, you wore our Eyelet Pinafore Dress. How would you style it?

For daytime, I’d pair it with athletic sneakers and a hoodie to emphasize the ruffles. For nighttime, I’d wear it with my favorite white Victorian boots without a jacket to highlight the ruffle straps.

BR: How would you describe your personal style? 

I get really into particular colors. Recently I’ve been wearing all white or as much red as possible. The red is for manifesting and white has been something to bring new energy towards my life. I love a wrap dress and I typically go for comfort in everything.

BR: You’re a metalsmith. How did you discover this profession? What is a typical day of work for you?

I’m self-taught but began by apprenticing with a gold grillz shop and watching a lot of tutorials. I wanted to work with my hands and wear what I make. On an average day, I’m usually carving wax to be cast, which is both for teeth and other wearable designs.

BR: How do you use clothing for empowerment? 

I use clothing as another tool for manifestation, including certain garments like my grandmother’s red scarf which I bring everywhere with me as spiritual protection.

BR: “Go-to” power outfit?

Anything all white or all red.

BR: What is something unique about you that people wouldn’t expect?

I secretly want to be a stand-up comic.

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