BR Q&A: Jared Goff on Core Temp

Jared Goff is a force of nature. The 24-year-old quarterback is three years into his professional career and already has the Super Bowl under his belt. Don’t be fooled by the infamously laidback demeanor of the NorCal-native. He’s already mastered the art of staying cool under pressure. When it came time to launch the new CORE TEMP collection, engineered to help keep you at your ideal body temperature, Goff was a natural fit. We teamed up with the football player to put our latest innovation to the ultimate test of playing it cool when things heat up.

BR: You’re famous for your California cool demeanor. How does that influence your game (and your style)?

Jared: I always try to remember that it’s football and it’s about being in the moment and having fun playing the game I love. That helps. I never try to get too high or too low when on the field. It’s how I’ve always been. When I’m calm on the field, I know good things are going to happen.

The stadium tunnel has become the new runway. How do you approach your style on game day?

There is a lot of work that goes into preparing each week and when game time approaches, it’s a feeling that’s hard to describe. There’s excitement and the anticipation of competition. Walking into the stadium tunnel is a culmination of all the game prep – you definitely want to feel cool and confident. I’ve always kept it simple and clean with looks that are fashionable and comfortable. Playing in LA allows us to be casual and relaxed–we are not required to wear a suit. Game-day fashion has become very popular and we have more eyes on us as we walk into the stadium than we ever have. You want to look your best because if you don’t, you’ll definitely be hearing about it. Luckily, my pieces from BR have me covered and I feel very confident and extremely comfortable walking in on game day.

During our recent shoot, you tested out our latest Core Temp styles, which help regulate body temperature using 37.5® Technology. How did they feel?

They’re incredible. The way you can move in them and be comfortable — and still look like you care. I love that they made cargo pants cool again—literally. I was shocked I didn’t heat up at all, even when running through fire and smoke on set. The 37.5® Technology in those pieces is no joke. The technology uses volcanic sand as a cooling agent. Wild stuff.

How do you incorporate these Core Temp styles into your routine?

Oh, man. They go with everything. I’d wear the pants with a blazer for press days or a T-shirt and sneaker when I’m hanging out. We travel a lot for games and training, so I like that they’re versatile so I can pack light. Oh, and I like that you don’t have to worry about sweating a bunch in them, so yeah, I’m sold.

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