Style Wingman: Why You Need an Untucked Shirt

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Q: I’ve been hearing my friends talk about Untucked Shirts for a while now, and I’ve been seeing them everywhere. Am I late to the game? What makes these shirts so good?

A: You’re not late to the game at all! If anything, you’re right on time.

For years, the modern guy’s dress code has been changing. Work is more casual. After-work events are more dressed up. Guys are adjusting accordingly—but the clothes have to change, too, right?

That’s why we created our Untucked Shirts—styles that run about an inch shorter, so you don’t have to tuck them in to look sharp. (You can, of course, if you want to.) This modified fit has been such a best-seller that we’ve started making many of our Slim and Standard fits—both in casual and dress styles—a tiny bit shorter for a cleaner look.

Consider it your new essential.

“The Untucked shirt is all about embracing an easygoing attitude, but still looking put together,” says Edmon, our men’s shirt merchandiser. “It gives you the option to show your casual side while still being able to make a good first impression. Even if your day’s filled with tons of different things on the agenda—a meeting at your favorite coffee shop, drinks with an old friend, a night out with the guys—our Untucked Shirt is built to be the triple threat for anything that comes your way.”

Our Untucked Shirt is built to be the triple threat for anything that comes your way.”

When we launched Untucked, we asked our own BR style guys to give it a spin and see what they think. Lawrence, our photo shoot manager, was one of the first to try.

“The Untucked shirts have a great length that doesn’t feel sloppy if not tucked in. With regular-length shirts, I always feel the need to at least tuck in the front, if not all the way around.”

What’s so cool about these shirts, Lawrence says, is the versatility. These aren’t your average button-down shirts; you can dress them up, dress them down, look sharp in them for meetings or up your style game for going out with friends.

“I can wear them with pretty much anything I own. Easy options when I’m deciding what to wear for work or meeting up with some friends for a night out.”

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