A Color Story | Desert Bloom

Usually, when you think of the desert, a vast dusty landscape comes to mind. For the most part, that is true, although sprinkled throughout the sandy scenery are bright florals emerging with the sun. Discover some of the desert blooms that inspired the colors of our recent collection.  


Desert Dandelion 

Sprinkled amongst the sand, in small bushes lie brilliantly yellow dandelions. With a fragrant, red button middle, these desert dandelions are part of the sunflower family and currently in bloom from March to June.  

Match the brilliant yellow shade with these illuminating designs.  

Fairy Duster

To match its ethereal name, this low-growing plant thrives in sandy washes and desert flatlands. Consisting of ball-shaped clusters of pink flowers that resemble a fan or duster, it’s clear how this flower got its name. This bloom has a relatively short lifecycle, only surfacing during the spring months.

Get inspired by the pink hues of the Fairy Duster with these vibrant styles.

Blue Torch Cactus

This cactus isn’t necessarily a flower but has a striking blue hue in the stark desert backdrop. Although blue adorns this cactus’ name, the shade slowly develops with age, starting with a brownish tone transiting into a rich blue at maturity. Adding to its beauty, this cactus also blooms large white flowers along the orange spine.

Bring beauty to your wardrobe with these blue creations that are just as lovely as a Blue Torch.